How to get your VaxYes wallet pass on your Android device

Use your mobile device and have your CDC vaccine card and an ID ready, then go to this link to complete your VaxYes verification:

If you already have a VaxYes card, please go through the ONA VaxYes link again to connect it to the Insights event.

Then, follow these steps to get your VaxYes wallet pass on your Android device.

Step 1: Download a digital wallet app from your app store. WalletPasses is one option.

Step 2: Go to Put Chrome in desktop mode — tap the three dots to open your Settings menu, and click Desktop site. Your site will reload and you should see the desktop version of the site.

Step 3: Click the Add to Apple Wallet button to download the wallet pass, and open it in your digital wallet app.

If you hit any snags, try using private browser mode/Incognito mode.

VaxYes is actively working on an integrated solution for getting VaxYes passes on Google Pay.