What Does Social Look Like in 2018?

Coming to terms on what the social platforms can and can’t do for us is a key question for news. While there aren’t any clear answers, we’ll host roundtable conversations about where different aspects of social content may be headed in a small-group chat setting. We'll ask what comes next for each of the following key areas, with dedicated experts as conversation hosts:

  • Facebook groups - Hannah Wise
  • Audience growth - Lori Todd
  • Social video - Megan Griffith-Greene
  • Emerging platforms- Meena Thiruvengadam
  • Speaker

    Meghan Murphy - Senior Manager, Communities & Local Journalism Initiatives, Online News Association
    mmurphydc | http://journalists.org


    Meena Thiruvengadam - Independent Journalist and Consultant, Freelance
    meena_thiru | http://meenamedia.com

    Lori Todd - Sr. Social Editor, NPR
    loritodd | http://npr.org

    Hannah Wise - Engagement Editor, The Dallas Morning News
    hwise29 | http://dallasnews.com

    Social Conversation