Building Inclusive Gaming Experiences

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Hear from Dr. Mitu Khandaker, CEO and Latoya Peterson, CXO, of Glow Up Games about how they are building new interactive gaming experiences.

Drawing on over a decade of experience with games, AI, immersive storytelling, journalism, television and culture-writing, the team is now creating original experiences and new worlds with a data-driven method that analyzes areas of overlooked potential and new markets. They’ll discuss how they’ve used their distinct backgrounds as storytellers to create narrative within immersive environments, most recently with the new video game they have designed with HBO’s Insecure.

They’ll discuss how they’re approaching community building around an existing community and how they’re reaching new audiences, as well as how they’re challenging outdated assumptions in the gaming and media worlds.


Mitu Khandaker
CEO, Glow Up Games
@mituKVisit Website