Adam Rosenberg

  • SVP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Civic Science

This speaker was invited to present by a paid sponsor of the ONA Insights event.

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships at CivicScience CivicScience is a consumer intelligence company that provides privacy compliant, real-time data and insights to the world's most important media companies. We conduct large representative surveys of US consumers every day through polling applications embedded throughout the content of a vast, demographically and geographically diverse network of over 200 publishers and platforms. These partners include Microsoft News (e.g. MSN), Penske Media, Univision, NBCU, Slate and many others. Respondents from our publisher network answer poll questions voluntarily without compensation, mitigating the psychographic biases that plague prevailing survey panel methods. We help media companies: 1) Improve monetization from advertising, subscriptions, and e-commerce 2) Enrich 1st party datasets with valuable demographics and insights 3) Create, launch and market new products 4) Engage and grow audiences 5) Gather critical audience insights both on their O&O properties and across the web.