A broad array of industry leaders have spoken at previous ONA Insights events. The entire list of past speakers is below.

For the opportunity to speak at the upcoming event on Digital Strategy Analytics, please submit your session pitch through our Suggestion Box. Speakers for this May 6, 2020, event in Bergen, Norway, will be announced along with our schedule later this spring.


Agnes Varnum

The Texas Tribune


Alana Coates

Financial Times


Alyssa Meritt

Urban Airship


Angela Pacienza

The Globe and Mail


Anita Li

The Discourse


Ariel Burkett

The Globe and Mail


Ashish Patel

Group Nine Media


Atsuo Fujimura



Cameron Church

Stream Foundations


Cynthia Young

The Globe and Mail


David Grant

The Christian Science Monitor


David Skok

The Logic


David Walmsley

The Globe and Mail


Erica Berger

Co-Founder, Mileage Media


Eugenia Siapera

Dublin City University


Farhad Manjoo

The New York Times


Federica Cherubini

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University


Fergus Bell

Dig Deeper Media


Francesca Sacasa



Frédéric Filloux

Groupe Les Echos


Gavin Rees

Dart Centre Europe


Gonzalo del Peon

The Membership Puzzle Project


Hannah Wise

The Dallas Morning News


Irving Washington

Online News Association


James Mirtle

The Athletic


Jessica Best

The Correspondent


Joanna Webster

Reuters TV


Johanna Blakley

University of Southern California


Justin Dewhirst

Bloomberg Media


Karla Geci



Kim Fox

Philadelphia Inquirer


Lindsay Grace

American University


Madeline Welsh

Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab


Mary Hamilton

Guardian News & Media


Mary Walter-Brown

Voice of San Diego


Mathew Ingram

Columbia Journalism Review


Meghan Murphy

Online News Association


Millie Tran

The New York Times


Mimi Onuoha

Data and Society Research Institute


Moritz Klack

Berliner Morgenpost


Nic Newman

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


Nicholas Petche

Yahoo UK


Nick Wrenn



Renée Kaplan

Financial Times


Sara Catania



Sara Gorman



Sarah Marshall

The Wall Street Journal, EMEA


Sarah Nasr

AJ+ (Al Jazeera)


Scott Adams

The Globe and Mail


Sonali Verma

The Globe and Mail


Stephanie Brown

CBC Indigenous


Subhajit Banerjee

Condé Nast International


T. J. Ortenzi

The Washington Post


Trushar Barot

BBC World Service/Global News


William Owen

Made By Many