Lexis-Olivier Ray

Lexis-Olivier Ray is currently an Investigative Staff Writer (and occasional editor) at the James Beard Award winning publication, L.A. TACO, the city’s leading voice in street-level journalism, where he reports on housing, justice, food and L.A. culture. Additionally, Ray is an established artist and filmmaker. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. As a writer, photographer and videographer he’s contributed to L.A. TACO, L.A. Times, Men’s Health Magazine, SFGATE, LAist, KCET, HyperAllergic, The LAnd Magazine, Curbed LA, RoadTrippers and Invisible People. Last year, Ray debuted a new body of photographs and ephemera at the Mak Center For Art and Architecture in West Hollywood centered on Historic Filipinotown, the neighborhood where he lives. In November 2021 he will debut a new body of photography at Art Share LA in the group show 'On The Ground LA.' Ray was a 2020 University of Southern California Center For Health Journalism Data Fellow and 2020 Ruben Salazar Award Finalist.

Website: http://www.LexisOlivierRay.com