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With the pandemic keeping us apart, emerging tech can bring us back together. Emblematic Group put together a Mozilla Hubs hangout - an open, social VR platform - so that attendees could meet on a virtual rooftop or a pirate ship via Mozilla Hubs. During the program, our Hubs hosts served as guides to navigating the metaverse and lively, informal discussions.

Please note, while these Mozilla Hubs rooms remain open to explore, the event occurred during the live ONA Insights: Emerging Tech program.


Ben Kreimer
Journalism 360 Ambassador, Independent
@benkreimerVisit Website

Robert Hernandez
Professor of Professional Practice, USC Annenberg
@webjournalistVisit Website

Laura Hertzfeld
Director, XR Partner Program, RYOT/Verizon Media Group

Annie Wang
Student, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ivan Lajara
Senior Editor, The Daily Freeman
@ivanlajaraVisit Website

Lakshmi Sarah
Journalist & Educator, Tiny World Productions

Payton Bergkamp
Student, The University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

Khari Johnson
Senior AI Staff Writer, VentureBeat
@kharijohnsonVisit Website

Elite Truong
Deputy Editor for Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post

Kayla LaPoure
Student, The University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ruby Yuan
Recent graduate, The University of Southern California

Josiah Morgan
Student, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln